Quality Assurance and Testing

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Basic package

  • 10 Pages test
  • Summary report
  • Annotated screenshots
  • Responsiveness test
  • Functionality test
  • Usability test
  • Browser compatibility test
  • Performance/load test
Quality Assurance and Testing nzui tech  

What is Quality Assurance ?

Quality Assurance or otherwise known as QA testing is performed to ensure that the best possible product (in most cases software) is provided with the requested quality as determined in the initial requirements and specifications.

Why is it important to use QA?

When you launch a new website, app, videogame, or any other new software, it’s very important to adhere to certain standards of quality to ensure consistent user experience and output.
First of all, to ensure that all defects are prevented Quality Assurance (QA) Testing needs to be done, and then to identify and fix defects at each release Quality Control (QC) is applied.

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Summary report + Annotated screen shots

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